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We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to JH WATERS, INC.
The firm was founded by JC Hutchins in 1979 and operated for three (3) years as a sole-proprietorship. Its primary effort was to sell, install and repair geosynthetic membranes for water and waste containment. During these first three (3) years it operated under the name of Resource Conservation System.
In 1983 the name was changed to JH Water Systems when a contract with Staff Industries, a major fabricator of geo-synthetic membrane, established an exclusive sale territory.
In 1985 JH Waters was incorporated in Pennsylvania as a Chapter C Corporation. Since that time, we have expanded the types of membrane we fabricate, sell and install.
In 1998 we formed a Specialty Fabrication Division; our fabrication division utilizes the best in automated geomembrane welding. Our technology permits us to visually inspect 100% of the geomembrane being fabricated, assuring a high quality finished product. The fabrication is designed to permit individual customization of each of the products fabricated. This allows us to use the best possible material for your specific applications.
JH Waters is a fabricator & installer of impermeable liner and cover systems. These materials, some of which have been used successfully since 1952, are tested to fulfill a multitude of applications. They are used in applications such as: Potable Water Reservoirs, Waste Water Treatment Plants, Landfill Liners and Caps, Secondary Containment Liners, Baffle Curtains and Baffle Walls.
Our company, which has been in business for 38 years, has over 2,200 completed installations in excess of 148 million square feet and fabricated over 20 million square feet of materials.
JH Waters, is an authorized fabrication, installation and sales for Agru America, Seaman Corp, Plastatech, Cooley Group, Syntec Corp., In-Line Plastics LC, i2M (Innovation 2 Manufacturing), O’Sullivan Films, Firestone Specialty Products, Rocheux International, Poly One, SKAPS Industries, and Tensar Inc. We have in the past fabricated, installed and sold liner for Solmax International, CETCO, Burke Industries, JPS Elastomerics, Watersavers Company, GSE Lining Technology and Fluid Systems.
JH Waters can also provide a complete system from fabrication, installation, site supervision, and/or general consulting for water, wastewater and solid waste disposal system.